Best Ideas For Content Creation, Content Marketing, Writing A Blog Tips, Blogging, Make Money Online, How To Start A Blog

Content Creation Ideas: Inspiring Prompts for Great Topics to Write About


Writing fresh content is imperative to moving forward with your business blog or website. As Woody Allen once said about relationships in the classic movie, Annie Hall, “A relationship, I think is like a shark, you know? It has to constantly move forward or it dies. And I think what we got on our hands is a dead shark.”  Your business blog is like a shark too and it must constantly move forward with fresh content.


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Here are some Content Creation Ideas for when you are feeling stale. Remember they are all about the pain points of your target audience. How can you solve their problem and take them to a better place?


Best Ideas for Content Creation, Content marketing, Writing a Blog Tips, Blogging, Make Money Online, How to Start a Blog



Listening to your ideal audience on social media or in person at events is the best way to stay ahead in your field for new ideas and to stay current.
1. What is the #1 Question you are asked all the time and are able to answer?
2. What would your ideal reader be embarrassed to admit that they need help with?
3. What are your 5 top posts on your blog? Can you break those down or expand those into more posts with more in-depth information?
4. What are your 5 top posts on social media? Can you break those down or expand those into more posts with more in-depth information?
5. What are you learning in your time on social media that is causing difficulties for your ideal audience that you can help with?
6. What is your target audience afraid of that you can help them with? Technology? Bugs? Clothing faux pas?

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