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It all starts with you, as we work towards implementing new systems. I am dedicated to helping you build and monetize your blog or online business, as well as make it more streamlined. I have been a blogger for over eight years and I am the experienced marketing creative, (with experience working with renowned places, including Fidelity Investments, Boston Magazine, Dana Farber Hospital…), in capacities including brand marketing/promotion/ design.

I have a track record of online sales in the range of many thousands of dollars from internet marketing, having taken elite cutting-edge courses available today to be at the top of my game and have implemented the strategies I learned. I bring that marketing depth to you and look forward to sharing with you to help you learn what you need to move forward from starting your blog to automation/ email marketing/how to make money online. My goal is to help blogs/online entrepreneurs efficiently set up automated systems to streamline operations and to be profitable. A graduate of Colby College in Waterville, Maine, I double-majored in English and Art, and today combine all aspects of my background to drive your business success—writing, graphic design, business skills and online marketing techniques. More about me: I am a jogger, oil painter, devoted cat mother and I’m fascinated with online marketing tools of today. What I love about digital marketing is that it uses all the aspects of magazine publishing that I started my professional life with. I have studied with the best and will provide materials, much of it for free, to help fortify your business. Let’s do this together!


As seen in Worth Magazine, Fidelity Investments, Boston Magazine, The Boston Globe
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