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Business Blog: How Often should you be Blogging?

When you have a business blog, sorting out your blogging pace and objectives can be overwhelming. You started a blog, which means you need to write regularly to draw readers in, but find yourself procrastinating and not able to keep up with your original, idealistic schedule. “I should be posting three times a week or every day?,” you ask yourself as you blaze through your days and then realize another day has passed without your updating your blog with a new post.

What is the best way to keep your blog current and to provide fresh content for SEO purposes?

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First of all the recommendations to post everyday are generally outdated. With the noisy internet of today, the current recommendation is to blog with thought and care, not aimlessly. (make them long and strong for SEO and to attract your readers) Longer, epic blog entries are beloved and rewarded by search engines which are set to rank the higher more rich, lengthy posts out there. Think 750 words ideally per post.

For those with blogs with a very strong subscriber list and evergreen posts, you may be able to afford to slow down a bit and work on lengthy, “epic” posts 3-4 times per month. For example if you have a very strong blog, receiving many views/ month, posting once a week may the correct amount for your business or even 3 times a month. The whole point is to be working on fresh, unique content. Click here to learn more about starting a blog and monetizing it.

It is important to have something powerful to say, rather than to post daily.

What you do on your site is not nearly as important as what you do off your site. You need to be learning how to use social media and guest blogging to grow your email list.

For most ambitious newish blogs 2-4 thoughtful posts per week may be the best route to get steady traffic to your site via SEO, have to share with your social media and emails subscribers. On the other hand do be sure you really have something to say, writing a long pointless post is pointless and will turn off readers. I have seen many posts that take too long to make a point and click out of them.

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