Your About Me Page

Your About Me page –Shine like a Diamond

Let’s talk about BEST practices for really SHINING for Your About Me Page! When you write your about me page, there is an important tip I want to offer.

First, you want to be sure that you are conveying yourself as the “attractive character.” If you haven’t read DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson, I highly recommend this book. In DotCom Secrets Russell Brunson talks about the Attractive Character and how important using this device of character is to shine to best promote your business. He talks about Subway sandwiches and the attractive character who eats at Subway and loses weight. He has sold many to also eat at Subway by telling this true story about Jared! Having this wonderful persona sets Subway apart from the competition and wins a lot of business. Jared is on billboards, in commercials… everywhere. We will all eat at Subway if we can get lean like Jared. I’d imagine this would attract men of all ages in particular…

So. . . are you able to offer a transformation to sell to your prospects? Have you gone through some transformation of some sorts which you can explain in your About Me? For example, you were in a difficult place before, but after working hard you learned x, y and z and now have these great skills which have improved your life.

We go to movies because we are attracted to certain actors and actresses. We like to watch them overcome obstacles–so therapeutic (!)— and we read books and sequels because we are drawn to certain characters and we yearn to hear more (think Harry Potter!). We are drawn to stories which endear us to others.

Your About Me page

In the 1980’s or so Richard Simmons was a severely overweight child and battled obesity for years. He came to develop aerobic routines and though a bit outlandish of a personality, he was able to attract many who were inspired by his ability to shed pounds and get fit to do the same.

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Oprah Winfrey’s remarkable story is of being born to a teenage mother in poverty in Mississippi. She suffered abuse as a young girl and became pregnant at the age of 14, but the son died in infancy. Her story of upward mobility starts at a job at a radio station. Honestly, this gives me goose bumps to think of her seeking a better life. Of course she came into her own talk show with confessional forms of communication with her guests, which are an outlet for her own journey of pain and growth. Talk about transformation!!

So the hitch is…we don’t want or like perfection. Most diamonds are not perfect and we love them just the same!! We want to hear about the stumble or the weakness that was overcome. In college admissions for example, they don’t want to hear that you have a problem on your college essays, unless you can show how you overcame it. It is the same with your About Me or your Attractive Character.

So now I want for you to think about what positive transformations you can describe to your audience from your life as it applies to your audience. They want to hear your story…

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