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I just wanted to tell you, that you are invited you to my new workshops I’m planning! I’m super excited to be getting these ready for you!

April 19th, Weds, 2 pm EST — 3 Step process for Finding your Profitable Killer Niche and Naming It

April 26th, Weds 2 pm EST — The 5 Biggest Mistakes Bloggers make when Starting out

May 2nd, Tues 2 pm EST — Making your Blog Thrive: Avoiding the 5 Biggest Lies you are Told & What to do Instead

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When I was getting started blogging about 9 nine years ago, I spent hours/days/weeks and months at times doing the wrong things in the wrong order or using the wrong strategies which wasted time and money. I spent days learning about things I was not ready for—excited to learn, but unsure of how to apply what I was learning— which was no surprise because I was learning things which were actually very new, but beyond what I was ready for at that time.

Do you feel like you are constantly being pulled in another direction to learn something *new* and “earth-shatteringly important,” only to realize you aren’t ready for that new information? Do you have plans for your week and then suddenly wonder if you even have the right foundation to begin with, that maybe your niche isn’t the best one for you or maybe will never ever be the biz you were looking for? Do you feel frustrated and overwhelmed at the sheer volume of noise out there?

Free Webinar new blogger training

Well, I can tell you that this is something I struggled with when I started my first blog. I really just started to share a creative path I was on, but had no idea if it would ever pan out to help me make an income. The first blog I started was built on Blogger because I simply didn’t know any better. I later learned that it was super limited as it was not easily portable to WordPress without losing years of time spent building up good SEO (SEO is how people find you when they use the Google search bar). It was very limited in what I could do with it design-wise and is technically owned by Google, which can abandon popular services if it chooses to.

So I had to start over on WordPress and learn everything and begin once again with SEO ambitions. I remember how much time it took and how I really didn’t feel confident in my process. The late nights up working to try to get things to work. I ended up learning many things I needed to learn by taking a number of courses and learned a ton, but I had to distill from those lengthy, time-crunching workshops.

Free Webinar new blogger training

I want to help you save time on the wrong process of starting a new biz blog/ online biz with some new workshops I have planned over the next few weeks.

There will be recordings sent afterwards so if you can’t make it, so can watch at your convenience!

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5 Benefits of Attending

—Learn how to do the Right Things first, so you can get your Biz started on the Right Foot

—Don’t waste Time and Money on the wrong Niche

—Learn how to Pick an Appealing Biz name that will attract your Ideal Audience to you

—Learn why Biz Fail and What to do now to Avoid having that Happen to you

—Feel Confident in your plans, so you have the Happy Biz you Dreamed of

Free Webinar new blogger training

I hear all the time from people who are stuck on their blog journey and so my goal is to share what I have learned to help with those who are feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

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