How To Start A Blog

Start your Blog Now: Let’s Go!

Let ‘s MOVE you from beyond OVERWHELM to your PROFITABLE BUSINESS BLOG and help you to begin growing your email list for once and for all!

Have you thought about growing your email list, but you have no idea where to begin and what you are doing?

Are you overwhelmed by the technology choices and confused about what to say? Are you unsure of what is a lead magnet?  How do you come up with content? What are the goals of the home page?

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What is an opt in pages and who are these people who might show up on one of these if you actually manage to get one created?

Are you so confused you don’t even know what questions to ask? (lol, we have all been there, but don’t worry, this is doable and I will walk you through this step by step so that you know what you are doing and why you are doing it. . . you will have all the tools you need)

How to start a blog

If this sounds like you, I am launching a course early next year called PROFITABLE BUSINESS BLOG, which will help you finally get the tools you need to build your own profitable business blog! Imagine how empowering it will be to:

Start a blog and know what to do and why you are doing it.

Have lists of resources to draw upon so you can choose your preferred tools

Understand your audience

Learn how to speak to your audience

Learn actionable tips to create your first opt in

Learn how to create graphics and copy



Your voice and your brand

This is your chance to shine! Are you ready to learn the beginning tools to guide you to success in your profitable business blog? I will take you step by step so that you do not miss any important pieces of the blog and can rock your own world and be the business boss of which you have dreamed.

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Have you started a blog and are now stuck with the next steps? Or do you want to start, but don't know how to begin?

  • Choosing your Niche
  • What should you know before you get started so you do not have time-consuming things to fix later
  • Content Creation tips
  • Search Engines/ SEO
  • Getting Started on Understanding Opt in forms
  • What kinds of ways can a Blog be profitable?