Why I switched to ConvertKit

I just wanted to share that I am using CONVERTKIT and loving it. Here is why I recently switched!

Ease of tagging my subscribers to best communicate with them in the future. 

While I have loved GetResponse, when I wanted to tag those who open certain links in an email, it was going to be a very confusing set of logistics. ConvertKit really shines at allowing you to create little tags to mark subscribers for interests in goods and services/ programs. If they click a link they automatically can be tagged for an interest in a topic or even an email series. (This is called a click trigger.)

They only charge once per email subscriber.

GetResponse was charging me for each time someone subscribes to my list. Sometimes people opt into 3 or more lead magnets…Kaching..

It also makes it confusing to know how big one’s subscriber list really is!

Automations beyond Click Triggers


You can create an automation such as a tag when someone completes a course, subscribes to a course or purchases a product. You can then have them automatically added or removed from a list (or form).

Organizing communication this way is very productive and satisfying, never mind saves lots of time!

Ease of use

Being able to quickly set up forms and set up triggers, automations and tags makes my life so much easier. I have the confidence to know that I can use the program without some horrendous few hours trying to set things up each time I need to set something up!

ConvertKit has the user experience under control, so you can sigh a breath of relief as you approach sending emails and organizing for sales and promotion.

Precise emailing with the lists created from the tags and automations

I am now able to send emails to those who have expressed interest in certain topics. This makes my subscribers and me happy. 

Super Friendly Staff who Email Replies

GetResponse staff are very hands on and attentive, but with ConvertKit you never feel like invisible. ConvertKit staff are super nice and do not seem jaded or exhausted.

Built in form statistics

You can view each form (or opt in) to see how well it is converting. Since it is so easy to see you will aware of how your forms are performing at all times.

Landing Pages

ConvertKit has a few nice landing pages which are easy to set up and use included in the monthly pricing.

To learn more about ConvertKit, click here.