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Your About Me Page: Great Tips for your Blog or Website


Your About Me has more impact than you might think. Telling your story to your target audience on your blog will go a long way to winning them to sign up for your opt-ins and being a subscriber.  When visitors land on your blog they will want to know who you are and what you can do for them. Can you teach them or entertain them? Do you have a solution to one of their biggest pain points? Rambling, dry blogs that do not foster a human connection will be exited out of without much fanfare unless they solve a huge pain point. Those that offer a sense of kinship or shared values and even possibly a community may be revisited. Here are the important things to consider: who your audience is, what are your shared values that brought them to your website and how you can help them.


Your photo is so important in setting the tone for your page. What you are wearing and your expression will either draw people in or not.  A picture speaks a thousand words. Be sure to have a photo of yourself that is designed to attract your target audience to you and your blog. Of course the best photo will depend upon whether you are offering finance tips or brownie recipes and the tone you which
to set. Plan accordingly.


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Sharing carefully chosen aspects of yourself with your target audience is a bridge needed for them to understand the framework of everything you write about. There is a phrase, “know who you are dealing with,” which is the context for every relationship. With a blog where you may never personally know someone, it really helps to understand who the writer is so you can put what they are saying into the context of their life point of view. Your audience wants to know why you are valuable to them. Tell them: this is your opportunity to shine!


You need to address this right away. Try to spark some kind of curiosity or entertainment value, if not concrete value. Demonstrate how you can help your visitor and what your process is, so they know what to expect and if that works for their needs. What in your background will show that you will provide solutions to their problems? Do you want to film a personable video as a way to introduce yourself? Write in a colloquial way, friendly or in a manner that will attract your target audience.



Speak the language of your ideal visitors. Be sure to offer clear contact information. Email links that go right to an email page are helpful for overwhelmed blog visitors. Consider linking to your most popular posts to clearly state what you are about to your audience so they can get started quickly on your finest posts. Remember that people will want to understand you and that transparency is more important than ever before. (Though watch out for TMI, too much of the wrong information.) Click here to learn more about how to start a blog and monetize it.


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    1. Thank you Shelia. Yes, I certainly will. I have a few courses in the works and will be updating my site and readers with the latest news in the next few weeks. 🙂

  1. This is so true. I am new to blogging (just two posts) but was told at the outset that people will check my ‘about us’ page. So I wrote a quick piece, got it reviewed, wrote it again, got it reviewed then finally went live on the third attempt. And this is a comment I have gotten off someone on the Warrior Forum….. ” Your About Us content really got me wanting to check back into your blog from time to time – I’m not even actively looking for content about affiliate marketing!” The about us page really is important.

  2. These are great tips.

    I’ve been blogging for 2 months, and my About me page is one of the most visited pages after someone reads a post. I’m constantly tinkering with it, adding new blog posts and refreshing it to keep it current 🙂

    1. Yes, I agree this is a very big opportunity to really shine on our About Me! I so agree the it is an ongoing process to keep content fresh, but Evergreen content (that which never is outdated) can be super helpful, especially for new bloggers.:D

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